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Executive Secretariat

Executive Secretariat Staff

Name Title Phone/Fax
Patrice Allen-Gifford Director 301-496-3976
Rachel Pollock Deputy Director 301-496-3964
Leslie D. Twyman Assistant Director for Program Integration 301-496-3960

Portfolio Assignments

Name Workload Assignments Phone
Rachel Pollock Work Assignment, NIH Director's Email, All Staff/Select Staff Emails, Clearances. 301-496-3964
Leslie D. Twyman NIH Director’s Invitation Management, SAAVI Administration/Management, Acting Records Management/FOIA Unit Supervisor. 301-496-3960
Celeste Boskent Lawson NIDCD, CC, NHGRI, NIAAA, NIDA, NIA, NINDS & ME/CFS, NEI, OCR, OGC, OGC/Ethics, BRAIN Initiative, HEAL Initiative. 301-496-3970
Mariko Cool (C) ES Director's Assistant and Scheduler, NIH Director's Courtesy Correspondence, Special Projects. 301-496-3972
Gwen Coley (C) NIH Director's Invitations, General Office Support. 301-496-3968
Lindsay Cramer NCI, NCATS, NIAID, OLPA, OB, Appropriations Rpts to Congress, OALM, OM, OAR, DPCPSI. 301-496-3967
Vacant NLM, NIBIB, NIDDK, EDI, COSWD, OHR, Awards Coordination, OD Executive Office, OTT, OFACP, OIR, ORS, ORF/ORFDO, All of Us. 301-594-1359
Emma DiMantova NIH Director's Email (back-up), ES-Wide Improvements (Website, Guidelines, SOPs), OMA, OCPL, NIAID (back-up), OSP (back-up). (Available Monday, Wednesday, and Friday) 301-594-1476
Greta Doswell Policy Analyst Co-Team Lead (Acting); Policy Team Meetings; HHS Reports (suspended until further notice); Principal Deputy Director's Priority Actions, Email, and Invitations; Meeting Materials (back-up); NIEHS, NIDCR, NIMHD. 301-496-3962
Monica Dozier NIAMS, NIMH, NHLBI, CCR, ECHO, NCCIH, OCIO/CIT, OFM, NEO. 301-451-2169
Chelsea Ellis NIH Director’s Meeting Materials, FIC. 301-594-3823
Vacant 301-402-3830
Vacant NIH Executive Secretariat Mailbox, Autopen Appointments, General Office Support. 301-496-1461
Michelle Whitfield Policy Analyst Co-Team Lead (Acting), Congressional Reports to Authorizers, OER, CSR, OSP, CoS, SAIMOD, NICHD. 301-402-0384
Shannon Wooldridge NIH Director's Email, NINR, OMA (back-up). 301-496-3977
Katie Krolopp (C) NIH Director's Meeting Materials support, Hard Copy mail, Folder Preparation and Scanning, ES Deputy Director's Assistant and Scheduler. 301-496-3963

Note: Temporary assignments are italicized.


Records and Information Management Specialists and FOIA Specialists

Name Phone
Jason Lima, Team Lead 301-594-9290
Daryl Flood 301-496-3971
Bruce George 301-496-3969
Angel Horton 301-451-2877
Litsa Marinos 301-435-1176
Dorise Powell 301-496-3970
Tremaine Wade (Contractor) 301-496-1461

Administrative Coordinator

Name Phone
Lynne Williams 301-496-3964

Support Staff

Name Phone
Vacant 301-496-3965
Mariko Cool (Contractor) 301-496-3972
Gwen Coley (Contractor) 301-496-3968
Katie Krolopp (Contractor) 301-496-3963
This page last reviewed on February 5, 2021

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