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Executive Secretariat

White House Correspondence

Occasionally, the NIH receives correspondence addressed to the White House and must prepare a reply for signature by the President, Vice President, or other White House official. In such cases, prepare the reply, which will always be a letter, in draft form: double-spaced on plain white paper, undated, clearly labeled as a draft, and with no signer's name following the complimentary close, Sincerely.

Draft letters for signature by White House officials also require an accompanying memorandum transmitting the draft letter to the White House. Unless you receive other specific instructions, type the memorandum on Office of the Secretary letterhead; the Executive Secretary of the Department will sign the transmittal.

The NIH also receives letters addressed to the White House for which a DIRECT REPLY (D/R) is to be signed by the appropriate IC Director. Any specific directions will be included in the "Remark" section in DDRMS. After signing, dating, and mailing the original, upload the final response to your IC subfolder in DDRMS. You will be prompted to place the name of the signatory (Last name, First name) and the date signed to complete the assignment.

This page last reviewed on April 14, 2017

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