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Executive Secretariat

Director’s Document and Records Management System (DDRMS)


The Director's Document and Records Management System (DDRMS) is a web-based application the Executive Secretariat (ES) uses to electronically route controlled correspondence to all ICs and OD Offices. The NIH Institutes (ICs) and Office of the Director (OD) Offices use DDRMS to upload, approve, or clear response documents and then return them electronically to ES. ES also uses DDRMS to manage the official records of the NIH Director and Deputy Director.

Some features of DDRMS include:

  • DDRMS works on either a PC or a Mac.
  • DDRMS allows secure web access through standard web browsers, including Internet Explorer and Firefox.
  • DDRMS' Web-based processing and interface give authorized users access to the system via any NIH computer.
  • DDRMS provides broad search and retrieval capabilities for all system users.

Getting Set Up as a DDRMS User

To request DDRMS access for yourself or for a new user (correspondence contact or reviewer) in your IC/office: submit an NIH IT Service Desk ticket requesting, "Assign to the DDRMS Admin group: new [specify correspondence contact or reviewer] DDRMS user set-up."

Learning to Use DDRMS

The primary correspondence contact(s) should train any new users on the basics of DDRMS. However, the ES Contact for each IC/Office is also available to assist you, and will set up a one-on-one training session for new contacts.

If needed, new reviewers seeking training assistance should submit an NIH IT Service Desk ticket for assistance from the DDRMS Admin group.

This page last reviewed on April 14, 2017

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