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What We Do

Executive Portfolio Management

Manages the NIH Director's and Principal Deputy Director's email correspondence, invitations, meeting and briefing materials, and numerous reports required by NIH, HHS, and the White House. Read more »

Correspondence, Clearance, & Congressional Reports

Manages all written communication to and from the NIH Director and Principal Deputy Director, involving the public, stakeholder groups, Congress, the White House, and other government agencies. Read more »

Records Management & Official Files

Manages the retention and archiving of the NIH Director’s and Principal Deputy Director’s official government records and conducts searches of their email accounts, correspondence, and other records. Read more »

Invite the NIH Director

Invitations to the NIH Director may be sent to for his and his immediate team’s consideration. The NIH Executive Secretariat manages these invitations by seeking recommendations from NIH senior leaders and subject matter experts to help inform the NIH Director's decisions. Read more »